Material A Edit

Sand. Simply put, sand is granulated minerals that occur naturally.

Disposal: The City of Toronto does not accept sand for disposal. You must contact a private company that specializes in the disposal of sand. [1]

Material B Edit

Plastic. Some companies manufacture their sandboxes with recycled plastic. This however, does not allow for it to be recycled. [2]

Disposal: Generally, most plastics must be placed in the garbage. In the case of a sandbox, this will need to be left at curbside for collection, or brought to a drop-off depot where it can be disposed of correctly. [3]

Material C Edit

Hardwood. More modern-looking sandboxes are being built out of hardwoods. They tend to last longer and are more crack-resistant. [4]

Disposal: Hardwood of this size cannot be placed in the garbage or left curbside for collection. The City of Toronto asks that you bring your wooden sandbox to a drop-off depot for proper disposal. [5]

Best Alternative Edit

Sandboxes in themselves are rather wasteful and almost all components of a sandbox of any kind cannot be recycled properly, contributing to the wasted problem. There are many environmentally-friendly options for children to play outside that do not contribute this much waste. There are also public parks with sandlots built in for children to play in.

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