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Welcome to a cleaner Toronto![]

We, as Humber College students, would like to be the first to congratulate you on encountering this wiki. You are now one of many to witness a small, yet important step towards a cleaner Toronto. This is intended to be a community-based wiki with the potential to grow as more educated contributors take the opportunity to better the wiki. Please feel free to add in, wherever you can!

What's in a Waste-Management Wiki?[]


The purpose of this wiki is to provide education to the citizens of Toronto in accordance with new city by-laws which pose hefty fines on improper disposal of household waste. Although there are programs such as Waste Wizard which can assist in basic household disposal, this wiki aims to not only direct you as to how to dispose of an item, rather, it also aims to educate the reader on the materials used to manufacture the item as well as environmentally-friendly alternatives. Please do keep in mind that this wiki is relatively new and is seeking the support of those who are further educated in waste-management. The goal is to keep Torontonians (and soon, more) well-informed.

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